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The Cowleys of Ardwhallan

The purpose of this website, is to faithfully record the History and Ancestral Heritage from 1698, oFather Thomas George Stanley Cowley who passed away November 22 1989 was the direct descendant of this well known Manx Family [land holders] and in honour of him, his death was recorded in the – Isle of Man Family Historical Society Journal – Volume xii no 3 Aug 1990  ‘QUOTE‘Thomas Cowley, loved husband of Alma, brother Barbara Bloomfield, passed away on the 22nd of November 1989 in Australia. Direct descendant of the Cowleys of Ardwhallan. –  Loved by all.

In 1999, I commanded a four [4] engine L-1329 – Lockheed Jetstar 731 into former RAF Base Ronaldsway. After visiting with cousin Patrick Cowley, upon departure, I approached the head of Ronaldsway Airport, explained who my father was and his RAAF service and presented my Aircrew and Command qualifications. He granted permission for a 500 feet pass over Ardwhallan Farm and Baldwin Dam to honour my Father and direct descendant Thomas. I will never forget that day; 500 feet over West Baldwin Dam, the Reservoir and our old Ardwhallan Farmland. At the end of our run, I placed the Jetstar [as directed by the tower] into a screaming right hand climbing turn for London. I felt Dad’s presence on the flight deck and I was one happy son. 

The Cowleys Of Ardwhallan

I spent years discovering Ardwhallan with my Father Thomas and later on the Island with my cousin Patrick Cowley [former Director of] Black Grace Cowley, along with Government bodies in Douglas and others, pursuing the information needed to build this historical website. However my greatest thanks go to my Father’s sister Barbara and her daughter my beloved cousin Dawn Hartney. Without their time spent on the island, carrying out the hard research to add to my own, I could never have completed preparation of this website and its launch for posterity. Thank you to you both.

Ardwhallan History

The purpose of this website, is to record for posterity, the History and Ancestral Heritage beginning in 1698, of ‘The Cowley’s of Ardwhallan’. My Father Thomas Cowley was the direct descendant of Thomas Cowley 1698 [family name] and later his son Patrick who brought Ardwhallan into our family in 1732 as founder of Ardwhallan Farm. As recorded in Thwaites Historical Journal, acquisition of Ardwhallan placed our family in the top 10 largest landowners on the Isle of Man. Successions of Cowley direct descendants have farmed Ardwhallan since 1732 [including my Father’s Great Grandfather [Thomas] albeit a section was acquired by the Government to build Baldwin Dam when the water supply for Douglas [the Capital] was becoming critical. For full history and photo gallery.

The Cowleys of Thurlby House

Our English Country Estate – Set in the Beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds

Thurlby House set on a beautiful 4 acres in Thurlby, next to the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds, was acquired by Robert Cowley, son of Thomas Cowley as an English country home for his own family. During the tenure of Margaret Thatcher as England’s Prime Minister, Robert was elected the first ever Australian Chairman of the Lincolnshire Conservative Association [fund raising arm] working with the Member of Parliament for Lincolnshire, Sir Peter Tapsell. From our Thurlby House base; Robert with wife Jacqueline, children Natalie, Mark, Danielle, Leisha and Great Dane Ben; had some spectacular times. Thurlby House was our family launch pad to the world.
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Photo Gallery

The Cowley Generations